The Johannespath on the Mühlviertler Alm – recharge your batteries and feel the nature. The Johannespath is not only a path to inner contemplation and more satisfaction for hikers. Since July 2018, the 12 Johannespath stations are also easily accessible for riders. You, the horse and the path as your goal, 110 kilometers to let go and switch off, enjoy the ride to the full and at the same time provide all-round regional cuisine.

make your appointment with the riding park Gstöttner: registration phone: +43-7261/7626(4), e-mail:

Overnight stay in several hostels, incl. breakfast and full-board, incl. slotting fee for the horse, incl.  transfer of the luggage, incl. horse and equitment (if horse is rented)
all-inclusive price for a week 960,- Euro with rented horse
all-inclusive price for a week 720,- Euro with own horse